Guerra aberta no reino Open Source?

Ontem, dia 21, Eric S. Raymond, iniciou uma discussão que se prevê longa… Num e-mail enviado à mailling list do Fedora Devel diz:

After thirteen years as a loyal Red Hat and Fedora user, I reached my
limit today […]

e pouco depois:

I have watched Ubuntu rise to these challenges as Fedora fell away
from them. Canonical’s recent deal with Linspire, which will give
Linux users legal access to WMF and other key proprietary codecs, is
precisely the sort of thing Red-Hat/Fedora could and should have taken
the lead in.

e termina com:

Not having done so bespeaks a failure of vision which I
now believe will condemn Fedora to a shrinking niche in the future.

É alguns destes pontos que discordo dele… Acho que a distribuição de codecs proprietários só levarão a que a Micro$oft e outros tubarões da industria usem as suas bem conhecidas técnicas de FUD para atacar ainda mais Linux.

Entretanto, e ainda ontem, Alan Cox, respondeu a ESR, num e-mail que vou transcrever na íntegra:

On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 03:03:50AM -0500, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> * Failure to address the problem of proprietary multimedia formats with
> any attitude other than blank denial.

That would be because we believe in Free Software and doing the right thing
(a practice you appear to have given up on). Maybe it is time the term
“open source” also did the decent thing and died out with you.

> I’m not expecting Ubuntu to be perfect, but I am now certain it will
> be enough better to compensate me for the fact that I need to learn
> a new set of administration tools.

I’m sure they will be delighted to have you


“That was said by Eric Raymond who belongs to another movement”
– Richard Stallman

É uma resposta mordaz e sucinta. Provavelmente haverá lugar a contra-resposta! 🙂

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